Email - Modern & Essential Communication Channel For Your Business

Whether your business or profession is small, big or in-between, email is a modern and essential communication channel for business nowadays. Still using free email account as your business email? What if your staff is going to leave your company? Don't make customers and prospects feel that you are not serious in doing your business.

Why WTExpo® Email Hosting?

If you are serious businessman, you know company business email is a must for your business and emails' backup is very important. But...

Don't let your company business email hosting create problem for you. Receiving a lot of annoying junk emails/spams everyday? Only notice your email account has been hacked to send junk emails/spams after receivied a lot of returned emails? Don't know how to solve these? Do you know that all these should be taking care by your hosting service provider on behalf of you, not you to worry and fix it?

Emails can be used as proofs of agreement or disagreement (black & white) for business. Therefore, emails' backup is basic and essential. But your existing email hosting can truly help you to backup all company emails for you? Do you notice that your existing email hosting can't backup all outgoing emails that sent by you and/or your staffs especially when setup using POP3 method to check emails?

Yes, of course you and your staffs can use IMAP method to check emails and automatically synchronize all sent email to hosting server for backup purposes, but do you know that this IMAP method requires bigger mailbox and hosting space to keep all these emails and more data bandwidth to do the synchronizing which incur more cost and slow down your internet connection? Do you know that with IMAP method, if you accidentally delete one important email from your mailbox, it will delete the same email from your hosting server and other devices also?
Enterprise Level Anti-Hacking Security and Anti-Spam System.
Capable to automatically create a backup copy for all incoming (received) and outgoing (sent) emails.
Make your emails' backup is truly complete and easy.

18 Years of Experience

Established in year 2001, 18 years ago, WTExpo® has vast online experience,  knowledge and skills in helping customers and prospects to achieve a hassle-free solution.

Reliable Registered Company

Serious in online business for more than 18 years, WTExpo® is a reliable company that has registered with SSM in Malaysia since 2001. Our WTExpo® is trademarked.

Enterprise Level Security

Security is the most important concern when looking for a online solution. We only provide Enterprise Level Security Solution to our customers with affordable price.

Hassle-Free Service & Solution

24/7/365 free technical support through instant messages or emails, make our customers feel hassle-free especially no extra cost involved when intend to fix a hosting problem.

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