Dedicated Server - Secure, Private and Powerful Hosting For Your Business

Whenever you need a better hosting solution for your expanding company or growing online business, dedicated server will be your first choice as it provide more privacy and security than common shared hosting besides more powerful.

Why WTExpo® Dedicated Server?

When you need a better hosting solution and decide to use dedicated server for your expanding business, but ...

Don't let your expanding decision create problem for you. Do you know that better hosting solution is not just cost more money but it will create more issues that common shared hosting to you?

To maintain a dedicated server is a lot more difficult than a common shared hosting. You need more related experiences, knowledges and skills to deal with security issues such as hacking, DDoS attacks, spamming, etc which are basic and the most important. Some might think you can use/hire IT personnel to maintain the dedicated server for your company but does your IT personnel have enough related experiences, knowledges and skills to maintain the dedicated server for your company? No one can be expert for everything including your IT personnel. If your dedicated server have issue, is your hosting service provider willing to provide you technical support for FREE to help you solve it?
Let the right person do the right thing. Let the real expert help you to maintain your dedicated server.

18 Years of Experience

Established in year 2001, 18 years ago, WTExpo® has vast online experience,  knowledge and skills in helping customers and prospects to achieve a hassle-free solution.

Reliable Registered Company

Serious in online business for more than 18 years, WTExpo® is a reliable company that has registered with SSM in Malaysia since 2001. Our WTExpo® is trademarked.

Enterprise Level Security

Security is the most important concern when looking for a online solution. We only provide Enterprise Level Security Solution to our customers with affordable price.

Hassle-Free Service & Solution

24/7/365 free technical support through instant messages or emails, make our customers feel hassle-free especially no extra cost involved when intend to fix a hosting problem.

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